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gold tone brooch, Vintage Colorful Enamel Jungle Bird Parrot Pin Brooch



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This vintage broochvintage vintage broochpainted vintage broochenamel vintage broochjungle vintage broochparrot vintage broochbird vintage broochpin vintage broochbrooch vintage broochwill vintage broochadd vintage broochcolor vintage broochto vintage broochany vintage broochoutfit vintage broochyou vintage broochwear.The vintage broochbird vintage broochwings vintage broochand vintage broochtail vintage broochare vintage broochgreen vintage broochenamel vintage broochwith vintage broochthe vintage broochbody vintage broochbeing vintage broochshades vintage broochof vintage broochred vintage broochand vintage broochyellow.The vintage broochback vintage broochis vintage broochgold vintage broochtone vintage broochand vintage broochhas vintage broocha vintage broochstandard vintage broochpin vintage broochclasp. vintage broochMARKED: vintage broochNoneMEASUREMENTS: vintage broochapproximately vintage brooch2 vintage brooch1/4\u201d vintage brooch vintage brooch( vintage brooch5.7 vintage broochcm) vintage broochwide vintage brooch(from vintage broochhead vintage broochacross vintage broochto vintage broochwing)and vintage brooch3 vintage brooch" vintage brooch(7.62 vintage broochcm) vintage broochlong vintage brooch( vintage broochfrom vintage broochtop vintage broochof vintage broochwing vintage broochto vintage broochtail)CONDITION: vintage broochPreviously vintage broochowned vintage broochand vintage broochin vintage broochvery vintage broochgood vintage broochcondition.

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