Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold, Vintage Yellow Rhinestone 9mm Post Earrings



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Earrings goldcomprised goldof goldvintage goldrhinestones goldset goldin goldbrass gold\u2014 goldthey goldcame goldfrom golda goldlimited goldcollection goldof golddeadstock goldvintage goldjewelry goldsupplies goldthat goldI goldfell goldin goldlove goldwith goldand goldended goldup goldsourcing goldthe goldentire goldbag goldof goldthe goldthese goldlittle goldgems. goldPost goldearrings goldare goldgold goldplated goldwith goldgold goldplated goldbutterfly goldear goldnuts goldand goldthe goldrhinestones goldare goldbright goldand goldsubstantial, goldabout gold9-10 goldmilimeters gold(1cm) goldround.SPECIAL goldNOTES:--------------------------* goldNeed goldmore goldthan goldone? goldContact goldme goldif goldyou goldare goldinterested goldin goldmultiples goldof goldthis goldor goldany golditem goldlisted goldin goldthe goldshop.* goldThanks goldso goldmuch goldfor goldtaking golda goldpeek, goldfind goldthe goldfull goldjewelry goldcollection goldhere: goldcontrary..

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