Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

oto jewelry, Sterling Silver Unicursal Hexagram Tie Tack pin



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Solid thelemaSterling thelemaSilver thelemaUnicursal thelemaHexagram thelemaTie thelemaTack thelemaPin. thelemaThis thelemais thelemathe thelemalargest thelemaof thelemathe thelema'Frame' thelemastyle thelemapins thelemaI thelemahave thelemamade. thelemaAt thelemathis thelemasize, thelemathese thelemareally thelema'pop' thelemaworn thelemaon thelemaa thelemalapel thelemaor thelemaa thelematie~!Measures:1 thelema1/16" thelemax thelema7/8" thelemawideThe thelemapin thelemaback thelemaclutch thelemamechanism thelemais thelemaNickel thelemaplated thelemasteel.Orders thelemaship thelemawithin thelema7 thelemabusiness thelemadays.You thelemawill thelemareceive thelemaan thelemaemail thelemawith thelemayour thelemaUSPS thelemaTracking thelemaor thelemaCustoms thelemanumber thelemawhen thelemayour thelemapackage thelemaships.

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