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pin, Avon Oak Acorn Demi Parure Earring and Brooch Set



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This earringis earringa earringset earringwith earringa earringbig earringimpact. earring\r\rThe earringset earringhas earringacorn earringstyle earringearrings. earringThe earringearrings earringhave earringtwo earringacorns earringeach earringand earringtwo earringleaves earringon earringthe earringtop. earringThe earringtops earringof earringthe earringacorns earringhave earringa earringfaux earringmarcasite earringdesign earringto earringthem earringEarrings earringare earringclip earringon earringstyle earringand earringmeasure earring\r1 earring1/2" earringL earringx earring1" earringwide. earringEarrings earringhave earringa earringpad earringto earringmake earringthe earringclip earringon earringbacks earringmore earringcomfortable. earring\r\rThe earringpin earringis earringvery earringlarge, earring3" earringlong earringx earring2 earring1/2" earringwide. earringIt earringis earringtwo earringtone earringand earringfeatures earringa earringlarge earringleaf earringlike earringdesign earringat earringthe earringtop earringwith earringa earringfaux earringmarcasite earringaccent. earringTHere earringis earringa earringmovable earringcharm earringat earringthe earringbottom earringof earringtwo earringacorns. earringBack earringhas earringa earringlarge earringpin earringwith earringa earringrolling earringlock earringclasp. earringBack earringis earringsigned earringAvon. earring\r\rSet earringis earringin earringgreat earringcondition! earring\r\r*We earringare earringalways earringwilling earringto earringship earringInternationally! earringPlease earringmessage earringus earringfor earringa earringquote*

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