Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

adjustable length, Silver Foiled Blue Glass Donut Focal Pendant 42mm on Suede with Silver Plated Findings



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Sara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverThis silver42mm silverglass silverdonut silverfocal silveris silverprincipally silverblue silverin silvercolor silverwith silverlots silverof silversilver silverfoiling silverand silverdaubs silverof silvercopper silverin silverthe silversurface silverglass. silverI silverhung silverthis silverfrom silvera silverlength silverof silverbraided silvermocha silvercolored silversuede silverthat silveris silverfinished silverwith silversilver silverplated silverfindings silverand silvera silverthree silverinch silverextender silverchain silverso silveryou silvercan silveradjust silverthe silverfit silverfrom silver24 silverto silverabout silver27 silverinches. silverGreat silverunisex silverappeal.My silverMPIN silverItem silver#NWP01151202326I silverwill silvership silverthis silveryour silverway silverthe silvernext silverbusiness silverday silvervia silverUSPS silverfirst silverclass silvermail silverwith silvera silvertracking silverID silvernumber. silverIF silverYOU silverNEED silverEXPRESS silverMAIL silverDELIVERY, silverplease silvercontact silverme silverfirst silverfor silvera silvershipping silverquote. silverSara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverYour silverDesire silveris silverOur silverDesign.

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