Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cccoe team, Vintage MERMAID lightweight resin circle charm bracelet 7.5 inch folklore nautical ocean lover beach lady gift blue



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For circlethe circlegirls circlewho circlebelieve circlein circlemermaids! circleEach circleof circlethe circle1" circlecircle circlecharms circlefeatures circlea circledifferent circlevintage circlenautical circlemermaid circleimage. circleThe circleimages circleare circlesealed circleunder circlea circleclear circleglassy circledomed circleresin, circleand circleare circledurable, circlelightweight circleand circlewaterproof. circleThe circlecharms circleare circlelinked circlewith circlesilver circleplated circlejumprings, circleand circlefinished circleoff circlewith circlea circlelobster circleclaw circleclasp. circleI circlehave circlemany circlemore circledesigns circlein circlethis circlebracelet circlestyle...also circleavailable circlewith circlesquare circlecharms, circleand circlewith circlecustom circlephotos. circleLength circleis circleapprox. circle7.5"...I circlecan circleadd circleextra circleloops circleto circleextend circlethe circlelength circleif circleneeded.Need circlea circlelarger circlequantity, circlejust circlelet circleme circleknow!

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