Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Sterling Silver Double Bananas Bracelet



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This uniqueis uniquea uniquebeautiful uniquebracelet uniquethat uniquereally uniquemakes uniquea uniquestatement! uniqueHand-crafted uniquein uniquesterling uniquesilver, uniquefrom uniquea uniquecarved uniquewax uniquemodel, unique8 unique"double-banana" uniquecomponents uniqueare uniquelinked uniquewith uniquesimple uniquesilver uniquerings. uniqueThe uniquebracelet uniquecloses uniquewith uniquea uniquesmaller uniquebanana-shaped uniquetoggle uniquethat uniqueslips uniquecleverly uniquethrough uniquean uniqueopening uniquein uniqueone uniqueof uniquethe uniquecomponents. uniqueEach uniquecomponent uniqueis uniqueabout unique1" uniquex unique3/4" uniqueand uniquethe uniquebracelet uniqueis uniqueabout unique6 unique3/4" uniquefrom uniqueend uniqueto uniqueend. uniqueFinished uniqueto uniquea uniquesparkly uniquefrost, uniqueit's uniquebeen uniqueone uniqueof uniquemy uniquemost uniquepopular uniquedesigns.

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