Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

palm wood, Adjustable Choker of Palmwood and Pewter Barrel Beads



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Sara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverRoll silverout silverthe silverbarrel! silverThat's silverwhat silverI silverdid silverwhen silverdesigning silverand silvercrafting silverthis silvernecklace silverof silver11x9mm silverpalm silverwood silverbarrels silverand silver4mm silverdotted silverpewter silverbarrels. silverI silveralternated silverthese silverbeads silveron silversturdy silverblack silvercotton silvercordage silverand silverhand-whipped silverthe silverends silverwith silverblack silverNymo silverthread. silverTwo silversplit silverrings silverform silverthe silverattachment silverpoints silverfor silvera silversilver-plated silvertrigger silverclasp. silverI silvermade silverthis silverchoker silverfully silveradjustable silverfrom silver16 silverto silver20 silverinches silverwith silverthe silveraddition silverof silvera silverfour-inch silverlength silverof silver7x5mm silvertwisted silvercable silversilver-filled silverchain. silverPhotographs silver1 silverand silver3 silverwill silvergive silveryou silveran silveridea silverof silverhow silverthe silvernecklace silverwill silversit silveron silverthe silverneck silverat silverthose silverlengths. silverOr silveryou silvercan silverattach silverthe silverclasp silverat silverany silverpoint silveralong silverthe silverextender. silverThe silverend silverof silverthe silverchain silveris silverfinished silverwith silvera silversplit silverring silverto silvermatch silverthe silvernecklace silverends silverand silvera silvertiny silverpewter silverdolpin silveradds silvera silverwhimsical silverfinishing silvertouch. silverSuitable silverfor silvereither silvergender.One silveronly. silverMPIN silverNWOI080214-02.1849.I silverwill silvership silverthis silveryour silverway silverthe silvernext silverbusiness silverday silvervia silverUSPS silverinsured silverfirst silverclass silvermail silverwith silvera silvertracking silverID silvernumber. silverIf silveryou silverneed silverexpedited silvershipping, silverplease silvercontact silverme silverfirst silverfor silvera silvershipping silverquote.Sara silverJewelry silverDesign. silverYour silverDesire silveris silverOur silverDesign.

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