Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

white, Earring and Necklace Set of Gold Plated Christmas Tree Pewter Charms with Swarovski Crystals



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Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenThese greencharming greenpewter greencharms greenare greenin greenan greenantiqued-gold greenplated greenfinish, greenand greenI greenhave greenset greenthem greenwith greentwo greenperidot greengreen greenSwarovski greenchatons, greentwo greenlight greenSiam greenred, greenand greenone greencrystal greenclear greento greentop greenthe greentree. greenEach greencharm greenis greenapproximately green19x11mm greenin greensize, greenand greenthe greenset greenincludes greentwo greenmounted greenas greendangle greenearrings greenon greengold-plated greenfish greenhook greenear greenwires, greenand greenone greenmounted greenas greena greenpendant greencharm greenon greenan green18-inch green14kt greengold greenfilled greenlight greenlink greenchain. greenA greenperfect greenstocking greenstuffer greenor greensomething greento greenget greenyou greenin greenthe greenmood greenfor greenholiday greenshopping.Listing greenis greenfor greenone greenset; greenI greenhave greenjust greenone greenset greenleft:MPIN greenPARUGP092014-03.782I greenwill greenship greena greenset greenyour greenway greenthe greennext greenbusiness greenday greenvia greenUSPS greenfirst greenclass greenmail greenwith greena greentracking greenID greennumber. greenIf greenyou greenneed greenexpedited greenshipping, greenplease greencontact greenme greenfirst greenfor greena greenshipping greenquote.Sara greenJewelry greenDesign. greenYour greenDesire greenis greenOur greenDesign.

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