Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuffs, Swank Circle on Circle Gold Tone Cufflinks Vintage



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These dressare dressreally dressgreat dresslittle dresscufflinks dressfrom dressSwank! dressThey dressare dresscircle dressshaped dressgold dresstone dressmetal dresswith dressengraved dresscircle dressdesigns dressthat dressare dresssplit, dresswith dressone dressside dressof dressthe dresscircle dresson dresseach dressside dressof dressthe dresscufflink. dressThey dressare dresshigh dresspolish dressand dressreally dressfun dressdesign! dressVery dresscontemporary!These dressmeasure dress3/4" dressin dressdiameter. dress*We dressare dressalways dresswilling dressto dressship dressinternationally! dressPlease dressmessage dressus dressfor dressa dressquote!

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