Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

secret compartment, Opening Gift Wrapped Pearl Present Locket Necklace



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Necklace gold presentis gold presentcomprised gold presentof gold presenta gold presentgolden gold presentgift gold presentwrapped gold presentpresent gold presentpendant gold presentlocket gold presentthat gold presentopens gold presentup gold presentand gold presentcloses gold presenton gold presenta gold presenthinge gold presentto gold presentreveal gold presenta gold presenttiny gold presentpearl gold presentnestled gold presentinside. gold presentThe gold presentlocket gold presenthangs gold presentfrom gold presenta gold present24 gold presentinch gold presentgold gold presentplated gold presentchain gold presentand gold presentmeasures gold present1/2 gold presentan gold presentinch gold presentsquare; gold presentit's gold presentattached gold presentto gold presentthe gold presentchain gold presentwith gold presenta gold presentlobster gold presentclasp gold presentfor gold presenteasy gold presentremoval. gold presentPerfect gold presentfor gold presentthe gold presentperson gold presentwho gold presentyou gold presenttreasure gold presentas gold presenta gold presentgift gold presentin gold presentyour gold presentlife gold presentor gold presentfor gold presenta gold presentJune gold presentbirthday gold presentsince gold presentpearl gold presentis gold presentthis gold presentmonth's gold presentbirthstone.Thanks gold presentso gold presentmuch gold presentfor gold presenttaking gold presenta gold presentpeek, gold presentyou gold presentcan gold presentfind gold presentthe gold presentrest gold presentof gold presentmy gold presentjewelry gold presentline gold presenthere: gold presentcontrary..

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