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blue, Various - Pretty Dangle Earrings



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Pretty reddangle redearrings. redFrom redleft redto redright redin redthe redorder redof redthe redpictures. redWe redhave reddangle redearrings redwith reda redlittle redstainless redsteel redchain, redand redhematite redhalos redover redred redcarnelian, redsepentine, redhematite, redlapis redlazuli redand redblue redgoldstone redbeads! redEach redone redis reda redseparate redearring.Dimensions redof redthe redearring redfrom redthe redtop redof redthe redhook:Height: redapproximately red1 red& red3/4 redinchWidth: redapproximately red3/8 redinch

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