Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black opal, Triangle Ethiopian Black Opal Pendant



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Beautiful black opalfire black opalin black opalthis black opalBlack black opalEthiopian black opalOpal.Can black opalbe black opalreset black opalin black opal14k black opalsolid black opalgold. black opalYour black opalchoice black opalof black opalyellow, black opalwhite black opalor black opalrose black opalgold, black opalat black opalthe black opalmarket black opalprice.Comes black opalwith black opala black opalsilver black opalchain.Hardness:\t6.5Carat black opalsize: black opal1.03Size black opalMillimeter:\t9.0 black opalx black opal8.2 black opalx black opal3.2Gemstone black opalType:\tBlack black opalOpalShape:\tTriangle black opalCabochon, black opalPolished black opalBoth black opalSideOrigin:\tYita black opalRidge, black opalEthiopia black opalClarity:\tSemi-TranslucentLayaway black opalavailable

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