Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tuxedo, Music Note Cufflinks Sterling Silver



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I moderndesigned modernthese moderncustom modernfor moderna modernfriend... modernbut modernwould modernbe modernhappy modernto modernmake modernthem modernfor modernyou!This moderndesign modernfeatures moderna modernrecessed modernoxidized modernmusic modernnote modernwith moderna modernbrushed modernouter modernface. modern modernEach moderncufflink modernmeasures modernabout modern3/4" modernin moderndiameter. modern modernThe modernset modernis modernsolid modernsterling modernsilver modernand modernis modernstamped modern".925" modernon modernthe modernback modernof moderneach. modern modernThe modernmusic modernnote modernis modernhand moderncut modernwith moderna moderntiny modernjeweler's modernsaw modernso moderneach modernfinished modernpiece modernwill modernbe moderna modernbit moderndifferent modernand modernmay modernnot modernmatch modernthe modernphoto modern(or moderneach modernother) modernexactly- modernthe modernuniqueness modernof modernhandmade modern:)Please modernallow modern1 modernweek modernfor modernfabrication.

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