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bachelorette party, Vintage Vegas Chips Earrings



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Earrings black jackcomprised black jackof black jackvintage black jackcopper black jackand black jackenamel black jackround black jackVegas black jackchip black jackcharms black jackhang black jackfrom black jackgold black jackplated black jackhooks black jackfor black jacksensitive black jackears. black jackWhat black jackhappens black jackin black jackVegas black jackstay black jackin black jackVegas!Dimensions: black jackearrings black jackhang black jackjust black jackunder black jackan black jackinch black jackfrom black jackhooks.Earrings black jackare black jacklight black jackweight, black jacknatural black jackcolors, black jackmake black jackthe black jackperfect black jackgift black jackfor black jackmany black jackoccasions black jacklike black jackbirthdays, black jackbachelorette black jackparties, black jackpoker black jacknight, black jackand black jackmore. black jackSPECIAL black jackNOTES:--------------------------* black jackNeed black jackmore black jackthan black jackone? black jackContact black jackme black jackif black jackyou black jackare black jackinterested black jackin black jackmultiples black jackof black jackthis black jackor black jackany black jackitem black jacklisted black jackin black jackthe black jackshop.* black jackThanks black jackso black jackmuch black jackfor black jacktaking black jacka black jackpeek black jackand black jackplease black jackhave black jacka black jacklook black jackaround black jackthe black jackrest black jackof black jackthe black jackshop: black jackcontrary..

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