Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

weddings, Golden Leaf Necklace



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Update plantyour plantfall plantwardrobe plantwith planthints plantof plantautumn plantleaves. plant plantNecklace plantdesigned plantand planthand plantassembled plantby plantMary plantAndrews, planta plantjewelry plantdesigner plantand plantArtist plantdwelling plantin plantBrooklyn, plantNY. plantPiece plantcomprised plantof planta plantdelicate plantgold planttoned plantleaf plantfinding plantwhich planthangs plantfrom planta plantgold plantplated plantchain plantand plantfinished plantwith planta plantgold plantplated plantwire plantclasp.* plantNecklace plantchain plantmeasures plant18 plantinches plantin plantlength plantand plantcan plantbe plantcustomized plantto plantyour plantdesired plantlength, plantleave plantspecific plantlength plantin plantmessage plantto plantseller plantupon plantcheckout.* plantLeaf plantcomponent plantmeasures plant3 plant1/2 plantinches plantlong plantand plant2 plant1/2 plantinches plantwide.* plantMakes planta plantgreat plantupdate plantto plantany plantoutfit, plantspecial plantevent, plantoccasion, plantas plantwedding plantjewelry, plantbridesmaids plantgifts, plantor planta plantgift plantfor plantyour plantsweetheart planton planther plantbirthday, plantanniversary, plantor plantjust plantbecause.

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