Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Antique Rare Silver Berber Pendant with Granulats and Glass from Moroccomorocco, Berber Pendantsmorocco, Moroccan Jewelry



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An oldold oldmoroccan oldrare oldberber oldsilver oldpendant oldwith oldgranulats oldand oldglass. oldUsed oldin oldBerber oldnecklaces, oldor oldworn oldalone, oldDecorated oldwith oldsmall oldgrains oldand old5 oldglass oldstones, olddark oldblue oldand oldlight, oldand oldred oldapproaching oldthe olddisappearance oldbecause oldit oldis oldvery oldworn. oldLength old: old6,3 oldcm old(2,5inches) oldWidth old: old5,7 oldcm old(2,28 oldinches) oldWeight old: old13 oldg

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