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Trianglestatement earrings, Diamondstatement earrings, Hwatustatement earrings, Hanafuda Card Earrings- Black and white and red all over



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Hwatu whitecard whiteearringssize: white3"These whiteearrings whiteare whitemade whiteout whiteof whiteHwatu whiteplaying whitecards whitefrom whiteSouth whiteKorea. whiteIt whiteis whiteJapanese white(called whiteHanafuda) whitein whiteorigin whiteand whitethey whitewere whiteplayed whiteby whitethe whitenobility whitesince whiteits whiteearly whiteyears. whiteNow, whiteyou whitecan whiteput whiteit whitein whiteyour whiteearhole whiteand whiteadd whiteto whitethe whiterichness whiteof whiteit's whitehistory.silver whiteplated whiteear whitewire. whitethe whiteback whiteis whitered. whitefind whitemore whiteat whiteniceLena.

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