Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

fashion accessories, Silver pendant silver autumn jewelry tiger eye Shantilight



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Gem: fashion accessoriesTIGRE fashion accessoriesOEILSILVER fashion accessoriesPENDANTNatural fashion accessoriesStoneSilver fashion accessoriespendant fashion accessoriesconsisting fashion accessoriesof fashion accessoriesa fashion accessoriesnatural fashion accessoriesstone fashion accessoriesof fashion accessoriesgold, fashion accessoriesbrown fashion accessoriesand fashion accessoriesbeige fashion accessoriescolor fashion accessoriescalled fashion accessoriestiger fashion accessorieseye.Ethnic fashion accessoriesjewelry fashion accessorieswith fashion accessoriesits fashion accessoriessilver fashion accessoriessheet.Dimensions:5 fashion accessoriescm fashion accessoriesby fashion accessories1.6 fashion accessoriescmWeight: fashion accessories8.46gSHANTILIGHT

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