Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tigers Eye Gemstone Pendantbird necklace, Bird Necklace



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This bird necklaceis bird necklaceone bird necklaceof bird necklacemy bird necklacesignature bird necklacebird bird necklacedesigns, bird necklacewhimsical bird necklacebirds bird necklacefeaturing bird necklacevarious bird necklacegemstones, bird necklaceand bird necklacedangling bird necklacelegs bird necklaceand bird necklacefeet! bird necklace bird necklaceThis bird necklacependant bird necklaceis bird necklacemade bird necklacewith bird necklacea bird necklacebeautiful bird necklacebrown bird necklaceand bird necklacegold bird necklacetigers bird necklaceeye bird necklacegemstone. bird necklace bird necklaceI bird necklacehave bird necklaceaccented bird necklacethe bird necklacelegs bird necklacewith bird necklacesmall bird necklacegemstone bird necklacebeads.The bird necklacemetal bird necklaceis bird necklacesolid bird necklacesterling bird necklacesilver, bird necklaceand bird necklacethe bird necklacechain bird necklaceis bird necklace18" bird necklacelong.I bird necklacemake bird necklaceall bird necklaceof bird necklacemy bird necklacejewelry bird necklaceby bird necklacehand bird necklacein bird necklacemy bird necklaceSavannah, bird necklaceGA bird necklacestudio. bird necklace bird necklacePlease bird necklacecontact bird necklaceme bird necklaceif bird necklaceyou bird necklacehave bird necklaceany bird necklacequestions bird necklace:)

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