Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Gem: natural stonesLAPIS natural stonesLAZULISILVER natural stonesPENDANTNATURAL natural stonesSTONES92.5 natural stonessilver natural stonespendant natural stonesconsisting natural stonesof natural stonesa natural stonesnatural natural stoneslapis natural stoneslazuli natural stonesstone.Ethnic natural stonesjewelry, natural stonessymbolizing natural stonesspring natural stoneswith natural stonesits natural stonessmall natural stonessilver natural stonesleaf, natural stonesconsisting natural stonesof natural stonesa natural stonesrectangular natural stonesblue natural stonesstone natural stonescalled natural stonesLapis natural stoneslazuli.Length: natural stones3.5 natural stonescm natural stoneswith natural stonesthe natural stonesbeakerWidth: natural stones1 natural stonescmWeight: natural stones6.64gShantilight\u00a0

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