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tiffany and co, Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver Tennis Anyone? Charm with Spring Hook - Pouch - A



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Tiffany tennis& tennisCo. tennisSterling tennisSilver tennisTennis tennisAnyone? tennisCharm tenniswith tennisSpring tennisHook tennis- tennisPouch tennis- tennisAWeight: tennis6.8 tennisgrams.Size: tennisPendant tennisis tennis20mm tenniswide. tennisHallmarks: tennisTiffany tennis& tennisCo. tennis925 tennison tennischarm tennisand tennisspring tennishook tennisCondition: tennisPre-owned, tennisminor tennissigns tennisof tenniswear.Metal: tennisSterling tennisSilver.Other: tennisA tennisTiffany tennispouch tennisis tennisincluded.We tennisguarantee tennisauthenticity tennison tennisall tennisour tennisjewelry tennisitems.

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