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craft, Green Three Hop Pendant



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Inspired hopsby hopsmy hopslove hopsfor hopscraft hopsbeer hopsI hopsmade hopsthis hopswood hopshop hopspendant hopsso hopsyou hopscan hopswear hopsyour hopslove hopsfor hopsfine hopsales hopsalso!!!This hopsthree hopshop hopspendant hopsis hopsmade hopsfrom hopsalder hopswood, hopsmeasures hops2 hopsinches hopsfrom hopsthe hopstop hopsof hopsthe hopshops hopsto hopsthe hopsbottom, hopsand hopsis hopsso hopslight hopsyou'll hopsbarely hopsbelieve hopsyou hopsare hopswearing hopsit. hopsIt hopscomes hopswith hopsa hopsbrown hopscord hopsthat hopsis hops18 hopsinches hopsin hopslength hopswith hopsa hops1.75 hopsinch hopsextender.This hopspiece hopsalso hopshas hopsa hopsmatching hopsset hopsof hopsearrings hopsthat hopscan hopsbe hopsseen hopshere hopshttps://www./listing/249189191/three-hop-earrings-wood?ref=shop_home_active_1All hopsof hopsmy hopswood hopsitems hopsare hopsmade hopsby hopsme hopsin hopsmy hopshome hopsin hopsSouthern hopsCalifornia.Please hopscontact hopsme hopsif hopsyou hopshave hopsany hopsquestions!

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