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crystal center, Vintage Floral Pin Back Brooch with Crystal Center



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Sara largeJewelry largeDesign largeVintage largeVisions. largeHere largeis largeanother largewhopping largegreat largefloral largepin-back largebrooch! largeGreat largefor largeembellishment largeor largejust largeplain largepinning largeto largeyour largefavorite largecoat.The largebody largeof largethe largebrooch largeis largedone largein largea largesoft, largematte-finish largegold largetone. largeThe largecenter largecrystal largehas largean largeaurora largeborealis largefinish largefor largelots largeof largecolor. largeIt largeis largeapproximately large10mm largein largediameter largeand largeis largesurrounded largeby largepolished largedots.There largeis largesome largewear: largeThe largepin largeappears largeto largehave largebeen largebent largewith largeuse, largebut largeis largeotherwise largesound, largeand largethere largeis largelittle largeto largeno largescratching largeor largewear largeon largethe largefinishes.Sara largeJewelry largeDesign. largeYour largeDesire largeis largeOur largeDesign.

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