Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Signed 1940's Mexican Sterling Silver Parure with AMETHYST / SS Mexico Necklacemexican sterling, Braceletmexican sterling, Earrings Set



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This mexican sterlingvintage mexican sterling1940\u2019s mexican sterlingparure mexican sterlinghas mexican sterlinggenuine mexican sterlingsemi mexican sterlingprecious mexican sterlingamethyst mexican sterlinggemstones mexican sterlingand mexican sterlinga mexican sterlingleaf mexican sterlingdesign. mexican sterlingIncluded mexican sterlingis mexican sterlinga mexican sterlingchoker mexican sterlinglength mexican sterlingnecklace, mexican sterlinga mexican sterlingbracelet, mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingpierced mexican sterlinghook mexican sterlingearrings. mexican sterlingIt mexican sterlingis mexican sterlingsterling mexican sterlingsilver. mexican sterlingMarked mexican sterlingsterling, mexican sterlingMexico mexican sterlingand mexican sterling925 mexican sterlingon mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingbracelet mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingnecklace. mexican sterlingThe mexican sterlingearrings mexican sterlinghave mexican sterlingbeen mexican sterlingconverted mexican sterlingfrom mexican sterlingscrewbacks mexican sterlingwhere mexican sterlingthey mexican sterlingwould mexican sterlinghave mexican sterlingbeen mexican sterlingstamped. mexican sterlingI mexican sterlingcan\u2019t mexican sterlingmake mexican sterlingout mexican sterlingwho mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingdesigner mexican sterlingis. mexican sterlingThe mexican sterlingbracelet mexican sterlinghas mexican sterlinga mexican sterlingbox, mexican sterlingpush mexican sterlingin mexican sterlingtype mexican sterlingclasp mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingit mexican sterlingmeasures mexican sterling8\u201d mexican sterling mexican sterlinglong. mexican sterlingThe mexican sterlingnecklace mexican sterlingis mexican sterling18\u201d mexican sterlinglong mexican sterlingand mexican sterlingthe mexican sterlingearrings mexican sterlingare mexican sterlingjust mexican sterling1\u201d. mexican sterlingJust mexican sterlinggorgeous!

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