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boho, Happy Trees -Wood Origami earrings



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***Due happy treesto happy treesCovid-19 happy treesStay happy treesIn happy treesPlace happy treesin happy treesour happy treescity, happy treesall happy treesorders happy treeswill happy treesbe happy treesshipped happy treesout happy treesafter happy treesApril happy trees8th. happy trees happy treesThank happy treesyou happy treesand happy treesstay happy treeshealthy! happy treesxoby happy treesniceLena\r\r---print happy treeson happy treesfront, happy treessolid happy treescolor happy treesback----\rJapanese happy treesOrigami happy trees& happy treesdecorative happy treespaper happy treescutouts happy treesby happy treeshand, happy treesfused happy treesonto happy treeshand happy treespainted happy treeswood happy treesdisks happy treesand happy treessealed happy treeswith happy treesthree happy treeslayers happy treesof happy treesglaze. happy trees\r\rThis happy treeslook happy treeswas happy treesoriginally happy treesdesigned happy treesin happy trees2003 happy treeson happy treespatina happy treesmetal happy treesdisks happy treesand happy treeshas happy treesturned happy treesinto happy treesniceLena's happy treesmost happy treespopular happy treesline. happy treesIt happy treeshas happy treesalso happy treesinspired happy treesmany happy treesothers happy treesto happy treeslook happy treesat happy treespaper happy treesin happy treesa happy treesdifferent happy treesway. happy treesI happy treesam happy treesconstantly happy treeson happy treesthe happy treeslook happy treesout happy treesfor happy treesnew happy treesprints happy treesso, happy treescheck happy treesback happy treesoften.\r\rsilver happy treesplated happy treesear happy treeswire\r\rwood happy treessize: happy trees1.25"---\rlong happy trees3"\rshort: happy trees1.5" happy trees(without happy treesstem)\r\r\rmore happy treesprints happy treesavailable: happy treeshttp://www./shop/niceLena?section_id=7807765

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