Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

resin, Gold Little Dipper necklace



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A spacehandmade spaceresin spacependant spaceset spacein spacea spacegold spacestainless spacesteel spacebezel. spaceThe spacebrightest spacestars spaceof spacethe spaceLittle spaceDipper spaceare spacerepresented spaceby spacethe spacetiniest spacemetallic spacegold spacemicro spacebeads.\u25b2D spaceE spaceT spaceA spaceI spaceL spaceS\u25b2- spacePendant spacehangs spaceon space18 spaceinch spacegold spaceplated spacechain- spaceEach spacenecklace spaceis spacehandmade spaceto spaceorder- spacePlease spacekeep spacenecklace spacedry spaceand spacehandle spacewith spacecare- spaceTo spaceclean, spacelightly spacepolish spacewith spacea spacesoft spacecotton spacecloth\u25b2 spaceH spaceA spaceN spaceD spaceM spaceA spaceD spaceE\u25b2> spaceThere spacewill spacebe spaceslight spacedifferences spacein spacebrass spacetones spaceand spaceimperfections spacefrom spacepiece spaceto spacepiece. space> spaceEach spacenecklace spaceis spaceunique spaceand spaceperfectly spaceimperfect!All spaceof spacemy spacejewelry spacecomes spacepackaged spacein spacea spacelittle spacebox spacesuitable spacefor spacegifting. spaceI spaceam spacehappy spaceto spacewrite spacea spacehandwritten spacenote spaceto spaceyour spaceloved spaceone spaceif spacedesired. spacePlease spacefeel spacefree spaceto spaceconvo spaceme spacewith spaceany spacequestions spaceyou spacemay spacehave!-Marie\u25b2 spaceBrowse spacearound:http://www.roseandanchor.CURRENT spaceSHIP spaceTIMES, spaceSS space2020:Constellation space& spaceResin spaceJewelry: space7 space- space10 spacedays spacefrom spacepurchaseEverything spaceElse: space5 space- space7 spacedays spacefrom spacepurchaseIf spaceyou spaceneed spaceanything spaceupgraded spaceto spacepriority spaceshipping, spaceplease spacesend spaceme spacea spacemessage!

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