Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage wood & celluloid cameo brooch . wooden heart pinseattle pin, souvenir from Seattle Washington



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Vintage wood brooch40s/50s wood broochbrooch wood broochmade wood broochof wood broochwood wood broochand wood broochcelluloid. wood broochThe wood broochbar wood broochreads wood broochSeattle wood broochWash wood broochwith wood broocha wood broochcameo wood broochmounted wood broochto wood broocha wood broochheart wood broochdangling wood broochbelow wood broochit. wood broochExcellent wood broochcondition, wood broochno wood broochissues wood broochto wood broochnote. wood broochMeasures wood brooch1.5" wood broochwide wood broochx wood brooch2" wood broochtall. wood broochShips wood broochin wood broocha wood broochgift wood broochbox.I wood broochcombine wood broochshipping wood broochon wood broochmultiple wood

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