Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

plastic beads, 10 pc. Lot 50s Jewelry / Vintage Aqua Glass Beads / Enamel Pin /Lucite & Rhinestone Earrings



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Selling hippie jewelry10 hippie jewelryvintage hippie jewelrypieces hippie jewelryfor hippie jewelryone hippie jewelrylow hippie jewelryprice. hippie jewelryPeach hippie jewelryplastic hippie jewelrybeads, hippie jewelryaqua hippie jewelryand hippie jewelrywhite hippie jewelryall hippie jewelryglass hippie jewelrybeads hippie jewelryfrom hippie jewelrythe hippie jewelryearly hippie jewelry70's, hippie jewelrytriple hippie jewelrystrand hippie jewelryof hippie jewelryvarious hippie jewelryshades hippie jewelryof hippie jewelryblue hippie jewelryglass hippie jewelryand hippie jewelryplastic hippie jewelrybeads, hippie jewelryLucite hippie jewelry& hippie jewelryrhinestone hippie jewelryearrings hippie jewelry(unsigned), hippie jewelryenamel hippie jewelryflower hippie jewelrypin hippie jewelryand hippie jewelrymore! hippie jewelryThe hippie jewelrypin hippie jewelryand hippie jewelryearring hippie jewelrybacks hippie jewelrywork hippie jewelrygreat.Please hippie jewelryask hippie jewelryquestions hippie jewelryif hippie jewelryyou hippie jewelrywant hippie jewelrymore hippie jewelrydetails.

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