Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red velvet lined heart shaped boxstash jar, ring and jewelry keepsake dishstash jar, gold tone with floral designstash jar, made in Japan



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Vintage gold tonered gold tonevelvet gold tonelined gold tonejewelry gold tonebox gold toneshaped gold tonelike gold tonea gold toneheart. gold tonePale gold tonegold gold tonetone gold toneexterior, gold tonemade gold tonein gold toneJapan. gold toneShows gold tonevery gold tonefaint gold tonewear gold toneon gold tonesome gold toneof gold tonethe gold toneedges gold toneof gold tonethe gold toneflowers gold toneand gold tonefeet gold tonebut gold toneoverall gold tonestill gold toneexcellent gold tonecondition. gold toneMeasures gold tone3.5" gold tonewide gold toneand gold toneabout gold tone1.75" gold tonetall gold toneincluding gold tonethe gold tonefeet. gold toneInterior gold toneis gold toneabout gold tone1" gold

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