Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage simulated pearl necklacegift for her, deco style Japan claspgift for her, 17" strand



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Vintage imitation pearlsfaux imitation pearlspearl imitation pearlsstrand. imitation pearlsNice imitation pearlsquality imitation pearlswith imitation pearlsa imitation pearlsbit imitation pearlsof imitation pearlsweight imitation pearlsto imitation pearlsit. imitation pearlsSilver imitation pearlstone imitation pearlsclasp imitation pearlsmarked imitation pearlsJapan. imitation pearlsExcellent imitation pearlscondition, imitation pearlsno imitation pearlsflaws. imitation pearlsMeasures imitation pearlsabout imitation pearls17" imitation pearlslong.Ships imitation pearlsin imitation pearlsa imitation pearlsgift imitation pearlsbox.I imitation pearlscombine imitation pearlsshipping imitation pearlson imitation pearlsmultiple imitation

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