Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

crescent moon, By the Light of the Moon necklace ... recycled fine silver / full moon / antiqued silver rolo chain



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It moonwas moonas moonthough moonthe moonskyhad moonsilently moonkissed moonthe moonearth,so moonthat moonit moonnow moonhad moonto moondream moonof moonskyin moonshimmers moonof moonflowers.The moonair moonwent moonthrough moonthe moonfields,the mooncorn-ears moonleaned moonheavy moondownthe moonwoods moonswished moonsoftly\u2014so moonclear moonwith moonstars moonwas moonthe moonnightAnd moonmy moonsoul moonstretchedits moonwings moonout moonwide,flew moonthrough moonthe moonsilent moonlandsas moonthough moonit moonwere moonflying moonhome.This moonhandcrafted moonfine moonsilver moonpendant moonis moonimprinted moonwith moona moonstunningly moondetailed moonimage moonof moonthe moonfull moonmoon. moonIt moonhas moona moonhigh mooncontrast moonpatina moonand moonhand moonpolished moonhighlights. moonIt moonhangs moonfrom moonan moonantiqued moonsilver moonrolo moonchain.Pendant moonis moon1" moonacross.Chain moonis moon18" moonlong.Metal moonclay moonwork moonis moona moonvery mooninvolved moonhandmade moonprocess moonwhich moonresults moonin moondistinct moonand moonone-of-a-kind mooncreations. moonSmall moonvariations moonand moonimperfections moonare moonpart moonof moonthe moonbeauty moonand mooncharm moonof moonthis moonmedium, moonand moonit mooncan moonproduce moonsome moonstunning moonresults. moonOnce moonfired, moonsilver moonmetal moonclay moonbecomes moonrecycled moon.999 moonpure moonfine moonsilver.~|~~|~~|~Arrives moonpackaged moonin moona moongift moonbox moonand moonships moonwithin moon1-3 moonbusiness moondays moonof moonreceipt moonof moonpayment. moonPlease moonsee moonthe moon"Shop moonPolicies" moonsection moonof moonmy moonstore moonfor moonadditional mooninformation moonon moonpayments, moonshipping, moongift moonnotes, moonsize moonadjustments, moonand mooncustom moonorders.\u00a9 moonElements moon& moonArtifacts moon2020.

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