Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ab rhinestones, vintage confetti lucite panel bracelet with AB rhinestones



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1960s chunky braceletvintage chunky braceletconfetti chunky braceletlucite chunky braceletpanel chunky braceletbracelet. chunky braceletThe chunky braceletbracelet chunky braceletis chunky braceletmade chunky braceletof chunky braceletgold chunky bracelettone chunky braceletmetal chunky braceletwith chunky braceletlinks chunky braceletof chunky braceletwhite chunky braceletand chunky braceletgold chunky braceletflakes chunky braceletfloating chunky braceletin chunky braceletclear chunky braceletlucite. chunky braceletEach chunky braceletlucite chunky braceletlink chunky bracelethas chunky braceletsix chunky braceletAB chunky braceletrhinestones chunky braceletsurrounding chunky braceletit. chunky braceletCloses chunky braceletwith chunky braceleta chunky braceletfold chunky braceletover chunky braceletclap. chunky braceletThe chunky braceletbracelet chunky braceletis chunky braceletjust chunky braceletover chunky bracelet1" chunky braceletwide chunky braceletand chunky braceletis chunky bracelet7.5" chunky braceletlong. chunky braceletNo chunky braceletflaws, chunky braceletexcellent chunky braceletcondition. chunky braceletUnsigned.Ships chunky braceletin chunky braceleta chunky braceletgift chunky

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