Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, Ceramic Focal Bead Daisy 2 Sided Statement size by Mary Harding



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This hand paintedTall hand paintedCeramic hand paintedFocal hand paintedBead hand paintedStatement hand paintedsize hand paintedby hand paintedMary hand paintedHarding hand paintedis hand paintedhandmade hand paintedfrom hand paintedstoneware hand paintedceramic hand paintedclay. hand painted hand paintedIt hand paintedhas hand paintedbeen hand paintedfired hand paintedto hand paintedover hand painted2100 hand painteddegrees hand paintedF hand paintedin hand paintedmy hand painteddigitally hand paintedcontrolled hand paintedceramic hand paintedkiln. hand paintedSurface hand painted3 hand painteddimensional hand painted hand painted2 hand paintedsided hand paintedimage hand paintedis hand paintedof hand painteda hand paintedwild hand painteddaisy hand paintedin hand paintedbloom hand paintedfrom hand paintedthe hand paintedpastures hand paintedof hand paintedNorthern hand paintedNew hand paintedYork hand paintedstate. hand paintedBead hand paintedis hand paintedstrung hand paintedhorizontally. hand painted hand paintedThe hand paintedsurface hand paintedhas hand paintedbeen hand paintedstained hand paintedhand hand paintedpainted.This hand paintedone hand paintedof hand painteda hand paintedkind hand paintedfocal hand paintedbead hand paintedmeasures hand painted2 hand paintedinches hand paintedtall hand paintedand hand paintedabout hand painted5/8 hand paintedinches hand paintedwide.

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