Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage medallion necklacechest plate necklace, medieval knight on horsechest plate necklace, silver tone



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Large silver tonevintage silver tonemedallion silver tonenecklace silver tonefeaturing silver tonea silver tonemedieval silver toneknight silver toneon silver tonea silver tonehorse. silver toneExcellent silver tonecondition, silver toneno silver toneflaws. silver toneChain silver toneis silver toneno silver toneoriginal. silver toneThe silver tonependant silver toneis silver tonean silver toneimpressive silver tone2.25" silver tonewide silver tonewith silver tonea silver tonelittle silver toneweight silver toneto silver toneit silver tonethough silver toneI silver tonestill silver tonewouldn't silver tonecall silver toneit silver toneheavy. silver toneThe silver tonechain silver toneis silver tone24" silver tonelong.Ships silver tonein silver tonea silver tonegift silver

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