Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, vintage black glass rhinestone flower pin brooch on silver tone metal



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Vintage rhinestone flowerblack rhinestone flowerglass rhinestone flowerrhinestone rhinestone flowerflower rhinestone flowerpin rhinestone floweron rhinestone flowersilver rhinestone flowertone rhinestone flowermetal. rhinestone flowerExcellent rhinestone flowercondition, rhinestone flowerno rhinestone flowerflaws. rhinestone flowerGlass rhinestone floweris rhinestone flowerprong rhinestone flowerset, rhinestone flowerthe rhinestone flowerround rhinestone flowerones rhinestone flowerhave rhinestone floweropen rhinestone flowerbacks. rhinestone flowerMeasures rhinestone flowera rhinestone flowerpinch rhinestone flowerunder rhinestone flower2" rhinestone flowertall.Ships rhinestone flowerin rhinestone flowera rhinestone flowergift rhinestone

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