Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pink glass rhinestone heart broochcoat pin, 3d leaf sweater pin



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Vintage faceted glassrhinestone faceted glasspin faceted glassin faceted glassthe faceted glassshape faceted glassof faceted glassa faceted glassleaf faceted glassor faceted glassheart. faceted glassUnsigned faceted glassbut faceted glasswell faceted glassmade faceted glasswith faceted glassa faceted glasslittle faceted glassweight, faceted glassjuicy faceted glassvibrant faceted glasspeach faceted glasscolor faceted glassand faceted glassnice faceted glassquality faceted glassgold faceted glasstone faceted glassmetal. faceted glassExcellent faceted glasscondition, faceted glassno faceted glassflaws. faceted glassI faceted glassam faceted glassconfident faceted glassit's faceted glassdesigner faceted glassdespite faceted glassthe faceted glasslack faceted glassof faceted glassa faceted glassmarking. faceted glassMeasures faceted glass1.75" faceted glasstall faceted glassand faceted glass1.25" faceted glasswide.Ships faceted glassin faceted glassa faceted glassgift faceted

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