Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage czech, Four Different Choices of Vintage Czech Prong Set Rhinestone Buttons/Embellishments



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These vintageFabulous vintagevintage vintageCzech vintagerhinestone vintagebuttons vintagehave vintagebeen vintageunwrapped vintagefrom vintagetheir vintageoriginal vintagetissues vintageand vintageare vintagein vintagepristine vintageunused vintagecondition.Beautiful vintageenough vintageto vintagebe vintageused vintagefor vintagejewelry, vintagethese vintagebuttons vintagefeature vintagePRONG vintageset vintagerhinestones vintagein vintagea vintagesilver vintagemetal vintagesetting vintagewith vintage vintageshank vintagebacks vintageas vintageshown vintagein vintagethe vintagepictures. vintagePriced vintageeach vintagepiece.

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