Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage brass floral brooch with lavender rhinestonesrhinestone flower, floral bouquet sash pin



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Vintage floral broochbrass floral broochflower floral broochbrooch floral broochwith floral broochprong floral broochset floral broochlavender floral broochglass floral broochrhinestones floral broochand floral broocha floral broochpale floral broochgreen floral broochtint floral broochto floral broochthe floral broochleaves. floral broochExcellent floral broochcondition, floral broochcould floral broochuse floral broocha floral broochcleaning. floral broochHas floral broocha floral broochsplotch floral broochof floral broochgreen floral broochpatina floral broochon floral broochthe floral broochback floral broochof floral broochone floral broochof floral broochthe floral broochpetals, floral broochnot floral broochvisible floral broochwhen floral broochworn. floral broochMeasures floral brooch2.5" floral broochtall.Ships floral broochin floral broocha floral broochgift floral broochbox.I floral broochcombine floral broochshipping floral broochon floral broochmultiple floral

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