Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mod vintage arrow earringsgift for her, shiny gold tone for pierced ears



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True mod jewelryvintage mod jewelryarrow mod jewelrycharms mod jewelryhave mod jewelrybeen mod jewelryput mod jewelryon mod jewelrynew mod jewelry(never mod jewelryworn/used) mod jewelryfrench mod jewelryhooks. mod jewelryTotal mod jewelryearring mod jewelrylength mod jewelryis mod jewelryjust mod jewelryover mod jewelry1.5" mod jewelrylong. mod jewelryExcellent mod jewelrycondition, mod jewelryno mod jewelryflaws mod jewelryand mod jewelrysuper mod jewelrycute. mod jewelryAnd mod jewelrylightweight.Ships mod jewelryin mod jewelrya mod jewelrygift mod jewelrybox.I mod jewelrycombine mod jewelryshipping mod jewelryon mod jewelrymultiple mod

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