Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Boho Leather Braceletrustic leather cuff, Romantic Layered Cuffrustic leather cuff, Rustic Leather Cuff Braceletrustic leather cuff, Shabby Lace Wrist Cuff in Peaches and Cream



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Sparkling boho leatherrhinestones boho leatherand boho leatherlayered boho leathertextures... boho leather boho leatherThis boho leatherromantic boho leathercuff boho leatheris boho leathercrafted boho leatherfrom boho leatherpeach boho leatherhand-dyed boho leatherlace, boho leatherrustic boho leatherfringe, boho leatherand boho leathercrochet boho leatherlacework, boho leatherstitched boho leatheronto boho leatherfine-grained boho leatherleather boho leatherin boho leathercaramel boho leatherbrown. boho leather boho leatherIn boho leatherthe boho leathercenter, boho leatheran boho leatherantiqued boho leatherbrass boho leatherfiligree boho leatherpiece boho leatheris boho leatherlayered boho leatherunder boho leathera boho leatherrhinestone boho leatherembellishment. boho leather boho leatherThe boho leathercuff boho leatheris boho leatherfinished boho leatherwith boho leatherantiqued boho leatherbrass boho leatherleaf boho leatheraccents, boho leathersecured boho leatherwith boho leathershimmering boho leatherpeach boho leatherseed boho leatherbeads.~ boho leatherBackside boho leatheris boho leatherthe boho leatherleather's boho leathernatural boho leathersueded boho leatherfinish~ boho leatherAdjustable boho leatherclosure~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Cuff boho leathermeasures boho leatherabout boho leather1 boho leather3/8 boho leatherinches boho leather(3.4 boho leathercm) boho leatherwide boho leatherin boho leatherthe boho leathercenter. boho leather boho leatherAdjustable boho leatherlength boho leatherfrom boho leather6 boho leather3/4 boho leatherinches boho leather(17.4 boho leathercm) boho leatherto boho leather8 boho leather1/4 boho leatherinches boho leather(21.2 boho leathercm).Completed boho leatherand boho leatherready boho leatherfor boho leathershipping~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To boho leathersee boho leatherall boho leatherof boho leatherour boho leatherbracelets, boho leatherclick boho leatherhere:https://www./shop/Viridian?section_id=30182200To boho leathergo boho leatherback boho leatherto boho leatherViridian's boho leatherhomepage, boho leatherclick boho leatherhere:https://www./shop/Viridian

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